Mr. Tabith Awal has completed his higher education from the George Washington University in Washington D.C. USA and obtained combined degree in M.Sc in Information System Technology and BBA in Management in Management Information System. After the M.Sc he has fallen back to Bangladesh he was involved in various private sectors business like Trading, Textiles, Spinning & Textiles, Agro-industry, Livestock, Artificial Insemination, Manufacturer of Carbon Rod, Marketing-Distributions, Automobile Sales & Services, Oil and Gas Exploration, Insurance, Foods & Beverages, Hospitality, JV Recycling Industry, JV Manufacturing & Distribution Industry of PE Foam, telecommunications, IT, Banking etc.


Apart from being a successful entrepreneurship, Tabith’s passion for football is widely known and played in semi-professional football clubs both in home & abroad. He was elected as one of the youngest Vice Presidents of Bangladesh Football Federation (BFF) in 2012. He is also the Chairman of Tournaments Committee of BFF. He also owned a football club Feni Soccer Club and presently Tabith is the Chairman and Founder President of another football club NoFeL playing in the premier league under BFF.


Tabith in his early entrepreneurship received Gold Medals from the Govt. of (EPB) for outstanding results in exporting carbon rods in 2004. in the same year, he pioneered the first Wireless Communication Company along with the first ever Digital Money Transfer Platform named iPay. From the year 2005 he joined and contributed in the fields of innovative seed production, research & development in Lal Teer Seed Company Ltd., in 2011 he engaged himself in the back footed Livestock industry of Bangladesh and by 2014, Tabith has completed the Genome Sequencing of River Water Buffalo partnering with BGI. For his individual roles and active participation in Seed Industry he was elected as the Senior Vice President of Bangladesh Seed Association (BSA) for the 2017-2019 term.


Tabith’s exposure in leadership elected as Director of MCCI, Member of UN Global Compact Initiatives, South Asian Youth Business Forum, FBCCI, DCCI, CACCI and EC Member in BD CNG Filling Station & Conversion, Workshop Owner’s  Association, American Alumni Association etc.


Tabith is also a very common face in our television talk shows and a profound writer of articles on various common issues in our National Daily’s. Beside this, he has been a powerful candidate for the last 2 Mayoral Elections of DNCC.