Together with the basic insurance scheme, one or all of the supplementary covers may be taken on payment of additional premiums.

  1. Accidental Death Benefit (ADB):
    An additional sum equal to sum insured is payable on death if caused by accident.
  2. Dismemberment Benefit (DB):
    Full sum insured is payable in case of total and permanent disability caused by accident such as loss of two hands above the wrist, or two feet above the ankle, or total sight of both eyes or one of the said limbs along with another. Half of sum assured is payable in case of partial and permanent disability caused by accident such as loss of one hand above the wrist or one foot above the ankle or total sight of one eye. (DB is allowed only in conjunction with ADB, which will then be termed as AD&D)
  3. Permanent and Total Disability (PTD):
    In case of Total and Permanent Disability resulting from bodily injury directly through accidental means, which prevents the Insured Employee from engaging in any business, occupation or work whatsoever for remuneration or profit and which disability has continued uninterruptedly for a period of at least six months and has been certified to be incurable by a physician approved by the Company, then subject to provisions of this Contract, the Company shall pay to the Employer the sum insured stated in the Schedule and the insurance for the said Employee shall terminate. In the interpretation of this definition the Company will, however, recognise as Total and Permanent Disability the entire and irrevocable loss of:
    1. both eyes,
    2. both hands above the wrist,
    3. both feet above the ankle,
    4. one hand above the wrist and one foot above the ankle,
    5. one eye and one hand above the wrist,
    6. one eye and one foot above the ankle. up policy for that particular member will be reduced by 25% or 50% as stated in the policy.

    Should an Insured Employee becoming totally and permanently disabled die within 365 days from the date of such disablement the Company shall pay the sum Insured as stated in the Schedule in respect of the said Employee.
  4. Permanent Partial Disability (PPD):

    In case of a Permanent Partial Disablement caused by an accident, indemnity according to the terms and conditions mentioned hereinafter shall be made by the Company to the Employer as specified in the following schedule and where applicable, only one sum namely the larger sum will be paid for multiple injuries resulting from one accident: -

    Description of Permanent
    Partial Disability
    Percentage of the
    Sum Assured payable
    a) Complete deafness of both ears of traumatic origin 40
    b) Complete deafness of one ear 10
    c) Loss of one eye 50
    d) Removal of the lower jaw 25
    e) Loss of one hand above the wrist 50
    f) Considerable loss of osseous substance of the arm (definite and incurable lesion) 25
    g) Total amputation of thumb 20 25
    h) Total amputation offour finger including thumb 15
    i) Total amputation of index finger only 10
    j) Total amputation of middle finger only 8
    k) Total amputation of ring finger only 7
    I) Total amputation of little finger only  
    m) Loss of one leg above the knee 50
    n) Total loss or total loss of use of lower limb below the knee 40
    0) Total loss offoot 30
    p) Anchylosis of the hip 30
    q) Anchylosis of the knee 20
    r) Total amputation of all the toes 25
    s) Total amputation offour toes including big toe 20
    t) Total amputation of the big toe 10
    u) Total amputation of one toe other than the big toe 3

    Permanent disabilities not mentioned above shall be compensated in accordance with their severity as compared to those listed. Permanent, partial or total loss of the use of a limb shall be deemed to be the same as permanent, partial or total loss of the said limb. No indemnity is payable for any pre-existing degree of disablement and if further injury occurs, only the difference between the condition prior to and after current injury shall be considered.
  5. Major Disease Benefit (MDB):

    Under this supplementary insurance in the event of a member is diagnosed to have one of the diseases mentioned below, but not until at least six months have. been elapsed since the commencement of this supplementary coverage, a certain percentage (25% or 50%) of the respective sum assured shall be paid immediately. The diseases are: -
    i) Myocardial infarction (Heart attack), ii) Stroke, iii) Coronary artery surgery, iv) Cancer, v) Kidney failure, vi) Multiple sclerosis, vii) Paralysis, and viii) Major organ transplant.

    When MDB is paid, the sum assured in the original group policy for that particular member will be reduced by 25% or 50% as stated in the policy.